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Bumper Man has been built based upon word of mouth advertising!

We feel that's the best complement a business can get when your growth is the result of franchisees recruiting their friends and families!


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Bumper Repair California

If you are looking for a bumper repair in California we have a franchise serving Los Angeles and surrounding cities, please call: Ned Nelson - 310-339-6883

If you are looking for a bumper repair franchisee in other parts of California, please go to: www.bumperman.biz

This is a sample of a few bumper repairs that we have done on site at local dealerships.

Click on each picture to enlarge the image.

Chevy-Before-01.jpg (1141865 bytes)    Chevy-After-01.jpg (1010684 bytes)

Chevy-Before-02.jpg (858628 bytes)    Chevy-After-02.jpg (1100670 bytes)

bumperrepairgmcbefore.jpg (1141865 bytes)    bumperrepairgmcafter.jpg (1010684 bytes)

Dodge-Rear-Before-01.jpg (1193880 bytes)    Dodge-Rear-After-01.jpg (1137321 bytes)

Dodge-Rear-Before-02.jpg (520273 bytes)    Dodge-Rear-After-02.jpg (508017 bytes)

Dodge-Front-Before-01.jpg (768026 bytes)    Dodge-Front-After-01.jpg (783058 bytes)

Car_Before_and_After.jpg (39942 bytes)    ChevyS10_Before_and_After.jpg (45148 bytes)

Dodge_Before_and_After.jpg (43008 bytes)    Nissan_Before_and_After.jpg (46194 bytes)

We do more than just bumper repair. We also recondition Headlights

headlightrestorationbefore.jpg (794294 bytes)    headlightrestorationafter.jpg (888056 bytes) 

Jeep-Headlights-Before.jpg (794294 bytes)    Jeep-Headlights-After.jpg (888056 bytes) 

We can also do minor painting.

Ford-Grill-Before.jpg (758769 bytes)    Ford-Grill-After.jpg (789865 bytes)


If you are looking for a bumper repair California franchisee, please go to: www.bumperman.biz


Franchises offered by prospectus only. Franchises are not available in states first requiring registration until the franchise offer is registered in and declared effective by the applicable state jurisdiction. If you have any questions concerning registration status in your jurisdiction, please contact us at 972-889-1986.


I found out about Bumper Man from this web site in June 1999. I worked in the retail industry and never had the satisfaction of getting the rewards I am experiencing now as a Bumper Man franchisee. The bumper repair training was awesome and support is always a phone call away. I find all the personnel at Bumper Man the greatest bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This truly is a company where you can have control over your destiny working your own business.

Ned Nelson III
Los Angeles, Ca.
Bumper Repair


I spent 18 years in the car business working 60-70 hours per week. I met Jeff working at my car dealership fixing our bumpers. After realizing he was the only guy in town with his specialty, I decided to join Bumper Man. I now work 30-40 hours per week with less stress, more money, and more time.

Jim Pierce
Ft. Worth, Texas
Bumper Repair


I had never worked in any type of repair business and I'm not a big tall man like Jeff, so I wasn't sure if I could do this type of work. However, I quickly realized in using the tools he has made that it is not necessary to be a big strong person to repair bumpers. It takes hard work, but it pays well. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys working with their hands and working outdoors.

Brett Davis
Houston, Texas
Bumper Repair