Serving Dealerships

Fast, Affordable, On-site Bumper Repair

Bumper Man is mobile bumper repair service that quickly and economically fixes bumpers on trucks, vans, and cars. Since 1993 we have served over 8,000 dealerships in 37 states.

Your Bumper Man franchisee will come to your location, inspect damaged bumpers, and give you a money-saving price for repairing each one. The repairs are done quickly and on-siteā€”so your vehicles are ready to sell in less time.


How We Serve You

  • Repairs done in hours, not days. No more delays in getting inventory repaired!
  • We guarantee a 90-95% repair of the inspected damage.
  • Most repairs done at less than 1/3 the cost of replacement.
  • We straighten brackets and reinforcement bars, press out dents, and reform bumpers.
  • We restore headlight covers and recondition plastic bumpers.
  • The corporate office handles all invoicing, allowing our franchisees to focus on timely and dependable service.

Each BM franchisee is thoroughly trained with our exclusive tools and effective technique to repair bumpers quickly, and sometimes without removal from the vehicle!

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